A few photos of the bumper in the wild

We are proud to bring you some of the best LED off-road lights in the business. Valleytech is now a Diode Dynamics dealer for the entire line up of built tough off-road SS pods, CrossLinks lightbars and Stage Series Lightbars. Our rear and front bumpers can be custom order to fit any combination of these great lights.

Bumper Pricing

The base price for the bumper is $1,100 which does not include shipping, taxes or powdercoating (taxes are assessed on all sales made in the state of KS or picked up from the state of KS).

Options that can be added to the bumper include:

Full head light hoops - $300

Bull bar - $200

Diode Dynamics Stage series 30” light bar - $440

- Diode Dynamics SSC2 LED pods - $180 for a set of two

- Powder coat - $400 ($500 shipped)

- Custom lighting options, we will work with you to incorporate the lights you want at a minimum fee of $80